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cleveland_local's Journal

Cleveland Local
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All Members , Moderated
//the [RULES]

[01] This is a free for all community.

[02] Please, only post things related to Cleveland music, entertainment, local celebrities, etc.

[03] Keep the bickering away from this community. This means none of the following: racism, homophobia, sexism, fighting, etc. It will not be tolerated.

[04] Double posts are EXTREMELY annoying. Please avoid them at all costs. If you do accidentally double post, then click on the comments link to that post, click on the blue pencil icon to edit the entry, and delete everything in that post.

[05] When posting pictures or VERY long entries, please use the cut tag: < lj-cut text="your text goes here" >, without the spaces between the > and <'s and the text. For more information on the cut tag, see this FAQ.

[06] Have fun!

[07] Moderated by ambient_gray. Backed brutually by lady_xanax. We mean it.

[08] Please, DO NOT steal the damn icons.

[09] Advertisements for bands/venues etc. are acceptable, as long as they pertain to the community topic.

[10] Just be overall nice. If you aren't, you will be banned from the community.

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