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Coming up at Phoenix Coffee, West 9th

Looking for somewhere to spend the frigid nights?

Phoenix Coffee on West 9th (right off of St. Clair and next door to Constantino's Market) is having an Inaugural Party this Tuesday, the 20th! We will have a TV in the cafe beginning at 11 am to broadcast the swearing in ceremony, the inaugural speech and parade. Get presidentially groovy beginning at 6 pm. Dress to patriotically impress. Gaudy and sparkly ball attire encouraged but not necessary. Feel free to casually discuss what your hopes are for the Obama presidency and the role that you'd like to play in the next four years of change in your own life and/or the country and/or the world.

Every Thursday starting at 6:30pm, we also have open mic nights (we're looking for someone to host, also, so if you're interested, email!

And beginning this Sunday around 2pm, Phoenix has gametime! Bring your favorite game, or drop by to play some of the classics we'll have available. Pull up a seat and meet someone new, or bring along some old friends. It'll be a good time had by all.

I hope we see you there!

(This is cross-posted, sorry if you see it twice).
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