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Info request from a potential Cleveland inhabitant

I currently live in the Detroit Metro area.

 I've been reviewing RealEstate ads, anticipating that my job interview will result in an offer from a Cleveland local employer.

I'm confused as to a particular phrase that seems to occur in Cleveland area RealEstate ads under utilities/appliances.

What is a "cable electric link"?  What does it do?  Is this considered a good feature for a house, or not?
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I could be way off on this, but it sounds like the place you're looking at has the capability to be hooked up to cable TV/internet and electricity. I'm guessing that "cable electric link" is short for "cable connection" and "electric connection", so the utility company just plugs in the service. Whether or not this is a good idea would depend on your view of electricity :)
That would be my guess also. I'm trying to find a definitive/authoritative answer.