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Request for information

Greetings from Columbus1

I am writing to find out if the Didy Wah Didy2 sign is still operational. If so is it still located on I480? What I really need is a video of it in action for a little product I'm working on. If anyone has such a video or can link me to one on line I'd be greatly appreciative. Otherwise I may drive up and make one myself. I could theoretically post it on you tube and post it back in this forum if anybody is interested.

Thanks for your time3.

1 Columbus Ohio. Your sister city. Well more like an annoying little sister that you never notice or care about. Why is she the stupid capital anyway.? I guess better her than freaking Cincinnati though, am I right?

2 On behalf of everyone in Columbus who has a soul I'd like to apologize for our myopic art-hating city council for running this exhibit out of the city. It was truly a thing of beauty. You'd be coming into town on I70, round a bend, and there it was accenting the distant skyline. They also killed a project to build a blue stained-glass relief sculpture of the great serpent mound over one of our downtown bridges. It's like our government hates anything remotely cool. A field of giant concrete corn, on the other hand...

3 If this is the wrong place for this request, point me to the right community and I'll post it there.
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