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W. 9th Phoenix Coffee is open!

Hey Cleveland!

Your local premiere coffee roaster has opened a new shop on W. 9th, right next door to Constantino's Market, and right near Browns stadium and the Flats. It's the perfect place to stop by before a crazy night in the Flats, or to caffeinate before a Browns game.

If you've been to Phoenix Coffee before, you probably already know we feature specialty single-source coffees, and delicious custom blends roasted right here in Cleveland. We have a wide variety of Fair Trade offerings!

All of our food is sourced from local people, so stop by and try a slice of our fantastic vegan cheesecake (no, really!), or a cup of Johnny Fav's delicious soup with an asiago pretzel from Zoss Bakery (They're AMAZING) Don't forget our tea wall, with a whole menu of white, green, black, oolong and herbals to choose from!

We also do something different from all the other Phoenix coffee shops. We french press all of our coffee, for that full-bodied, heavy, creamy coffee flavor. Melitta manual drip coffee is also offered, a completely different coffee experience that brings out the zingy acidity of the cup!

Our baristas are pro (check out the fancypants latte art), our shop is comfy and cozy, and we have free wifi!

We're open from 6-9:30 Monday through Thursday, 6-11 on Friday, 7-11 on Saturday, and 8-9:30 on Sunday. I hope we'll see you there! :)

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